The HTC U11 life clearly takes a lot of design notes from its flagship relative but pick this phone up and the difference is immediately starting revealing themselves instead of being a sturdy glass and metal handset the HTC u11 life feels pretty lightweight and is covered in plastic HTC tries to give the phone the same sort of color-changing finishes the HTC u11 and while the base notes are there the effect isn’t quite the same instead of shifting colors we instead see color separation and extreme angles.


HTC U11 Life Design

The basic layout here is quite similar to the previous HTC U11 with buttons in the SIM tray in their same locations the handsets also similarly ip67 rated for dust and water resistance and while edge sense is once again present so far less beloved features similarly carry over like the absence of an analogue headphone jack while the included u sonic noise cancelling earbuds are pretty nice using them highlights one of the odd design departures from the HTC U11.

Display & Processor

HTC U11 Life Display

The HTC U11 life goes with a 5.2 inch 1080 by 1920 panel both brightness and color accuracy are fine a thing exemplary but no big missteps either the phone’s powered by a Snapdragon 630 and 3GB of RAM and operates a much the same level as other recent mid-range years like the Moto Z to play the 32GB of storage is sensible for a phone in this price range and you’ve always got the option from microSD expansion.

Edge sense works the same here as it did in the HTC U11 with fully customizable squeeze to access shortcuts including the option for different results from short and long squeezes that said we did hit some issues when using the feature to access the phone’s camera and a multiple occasions the software would lock up forcing us to reset we don’t know whether to blame eggs the camera or another system component but the end result is very frustrating all the same here’s hoping HTC can fix it with an update.


HTC U11 Life Other feature

The bundled you sonic earbuds offer some really nice sound quality we can’t quite say the same for the phone’s built-in speaker which attempted to give us almost mushy sounding audio that lacked a lot of crispness but maybe the biggest audio disappointment is the lack of an included adapter for analog  headphones HTC tells us this was part of a decision to keep costs down.

Battery Life

HTC U11 Life Battery Life

The HTC u11 life runs the power efficient Snapdragon 630 chip it’s also got a pretty small battery measuring in it just 2600 mAh hours, as a result, the phone won’t give you crazy day plus battery life but it does manage to stretch that battery for just under eight hours of screen on time not too shabby at all recharging with the included adapter is pretty quick too taking just over a hundred minutes.


HTC U11 Life Camera

The cameras both front and rear sensors are 16 megapixel components with phase detection autofocus for the main camera and HDR boost on both we didn’t go into this expecting a lot from this package but came out pleasantly surprised with image quality it’s nothing on the Pixel 2’s level mind you but still decent for a mid-range and we especially enjoyed seeing that HDR processing salvaged otherwise if he shots even if the effect does take a moment to generate. Video recording is also pretty solid supporting filming up to 4k and lossless audio capture and we found footage to be a little shaky at times it’s still nice and crisp and a refocusing, while filming is smooth and responsive.

The HTC u11 life is a pretty nice mid-range phone it offers a smattering of flagship features has the long battery life and includes a nice camera. we wish HTC would address some of the software glitches and at least the bundle USB earbuds are really nice at $350 the price isn’t too objectionable either if you love the look of the previous version HTC U 11 but are trying to save some cash the HTC u11 life could be a good compromise.

So Guy’s this was the review of HTC U11 Life, hope you enjoy please share this article with your friend and also don’t forget to leave your thought about this phone in the comment section below. Goodbye!

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