Moto X4 for this is Motorola slate a smartphone and it looks like a pretty average standard smartphone right for the most part it is but there’s a couple of things that make this phone special.

First, it’s an Android one device which means a couple of things it’s very affordable the experience is basically stock Android and it’ll get timely software updates.

Android one

Secondly it’s on Google’s short list of project 5 compatible phones and at 399 dollars it’s the most affordable project 5 phone you can get right now but what else does it offer let’s take a look on the outside there’s nothing overly flashy about the Moto X 4 but Android 1 phones aren’t meant to have a ton of bells and whistles.


Moto X4 Look and Feel

It does still have a pretty nice design but if you were expecting this to be anything like the Moto X’s of yesteryears you might be a little disappointed this is really a different phone entirely like a lot of phones nowadays the x4 has a mostly glass design with glass on the front and back and metal wrapping around the sides it feels really nice and comfortable to hold especially with the rounded corners and it’s not that big of a phone either so it’s pretty easy to use in one hand unlike Motorola Z series of smartphones.


Moto X4 Headphone jack

The Device comes with a headphone jack so no adapter required here to use your favorite pair of headphones and it’s also ip68 water and dust resistant which is really nice to see on a phone of this price point.


There’s nothing fancy about the screen either it’s not curved or bezel is it’s just your normal smartphone display it’s a five point two inch LCD panel with 1080p resolution and it’s not a screen that’s going to blow your socks off but it’s honestly fine and I really had no complaints using it the coves are nice it has good viewing angles and has decent outdoor visibility the black levels aren’t quite as good as an AMOLED screen but in general I think most people will be happy with the screen and I still thought it was a pretty enjoyable experience for watching YouTube or playing games.


Moto X4 Dual Camera

The biggest perk that you’ll find with the Moto X 4 is that it has dual cameras on the back just like Motorola’s flagship the z2 force but unlike the z2 force which has a monochrome sensor the secondary sensor on the x4 is a wide angle lens there’s also a camera but it’s merely just an aesthetic decision here there are no moto mods for this phone so the main sensor is 12 megapixels @f 2.0 and the secondary is a little lower resolution at 8 megapixels with an aperture of f-22 so it isn’t quite as good in low-light but the wide angle is great for landscape shots or group photos it does have that grow pro like distortion towards the edges which I personally don’t mind but I know not everyone is a fan of that look the secondary sensor also lets you do a depth effect or portrait mode as it’s called on a lot of other phones.

Moto X4 Android One

Motorola also lets you do some other neat tricks like crop out the subject and replace it with a different background or turn parts of the image black and white to put emphasis on a specific part of the photo the depth effect, however, doesn’t really work all that well compared to other phones that I’ve tried they’re not very convincing and be blurring bleeds onto the subject most of the time even ones with pretty simple edges you can just e blur after the fact but it doesn’t really help all that much general picture quality is decent and good lighting and you can get some pretty good detail and color but it crushes the shadows a little too much and photos fall apart pretty quickly in low-light and they’re especially noisy and soft on the wide-angle lens and it doesn’t handle highlights all that well I’m also not really a fan of the tap to expose that Motorola uses it’s just too finicky and depending on where you tap you can get some pretty wild exposure.

Moto X4 Camera

Swings my biggest problem with this camera is that it’s just slow it’s slow to capture photos, especially in low-light since it doesn’t have oh is and it’s also pretty slow to switch between lenses but hopefully that’s something that could be easily fixed with a software update.


Speaking of software it’s your typical closest stock Android experience that Motorola offers which I personally have always enjoyed there’s no bloatware on this phone at all and you of course get all the Motorola enhancements as well like the moto display and various moto actions like the chop chop to turn on the camera flash and wrist twist to launch the camera it’s running Android new get at the moment but considering this is an Android 1 device I assume it’ll get updated to Oreo pretty quickly since that’s one of the perks of being an Android 1 phone.

Android Nougat

In terms of specs it’s gotten Snapdragon 630 processor with 3GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage with a micro SD card slot if you need more and it has a fingerprint Scanner on the bottom chin that’s very fast and accurate and I like that Motorola lets you use it to put the phone to sleep it’s not the most powerful phone on the market but I’ve had no complaints about the performance it’s been very smooth and fluid.


I’m just using it casually playing games or multitasking back and forth between apps I haven’t noticed any stuttering or hiccups battery life on the Moto X4 it’s not amazing but it’s not bad either it’s just average it has a 3000 mAh battery and I can get through a full day with pretty normal usage which includes reading emails texting social media and some light youtube but you can kill this phone pretty quickly with more intense use like gaming or a lot of video watching and screen on time mostly.

Battery Life

So overall I think the Moto X4 is a pretty solid smartphone but if you buy it with the expectation of it being anything like previous Moto X’s you’ll be sorely disappointed the only thing this really shares in common with Moto X’s of the past is the name otherwise it’s a completely different phone again what makes this phone great is the fact that it’s part of the Android 1 program but it’s also project 5 compatible at the same time and at an affordable price of $400 it’s the perfect gateway phone if you’re looking to get into project 5 for the first time without spending a lot of money but even if you’re not looking for all that it’s just a good budget phone in general something that Motorola continues to excel at time and time again as always.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Moto X4 if you did please leave your thoughts down below and don’t forget to share with your friends. Goodbye!

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