Before we knew it, the Nokia name faded into irrelevance. HMD Global is hoping to change that though. For those who have not seen my review of the budget Nokia 5 yet, just know that it’s a phone that I really like. Today we’re talking about the Nokia 8 the first flagship device from the new Nokia. Let’s see if it’s any good.

Talking about Design,

Nokia 8 Design
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The Nokia 8’s design can only be described as understated. It’s a simple, but a solid slab of aluminium that curves into the side and into the display. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the Nokia 5 has a pretty similar design. It definitely feels like a premium phone. The only thing that may be lacking a little is the IP54 rating, which is just splash resistance rather than the full on water resistance like many other flagship devices these days.

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Nokia 8 Front
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The front of the phone houses a really good looking 5.3” LCD panel with really great outdoor visibility and this is a QHD panel which I kind of feel like it’s an overkill for a screen this size. It’s still surrounded by bezels, but with a smaller screen size, it actually doesn’t look that bad.

Nokia 8 Capacetive

I’m still not a fan of these capacitive buttons though. The standard Android buttons look a little weird as capacitive buttons to me. I also wished that the fingerprint sensor was a tiny bit faster at unlocking the phone.

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Talking about Performance,

Nokia 8 Performance
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Nokia 8 is being powered by the Snapdragon 835 with plenty of RAM, and a near stock Android software, the performance of the phone expectedly good. No matter whether it’s the day to day stuff or playing games. I still don’t think it’s quite as snappy as the OnePlus 5, but it’s good enough. Nokia also says that the phone has a better cooling system to keep the phone cool, and it seems to be working. Even with extended gaming sessions, I’ve never felt the phone get too warm.

Talking about Software Experience,Nokia 8 Software Experience

Part of why I love these new Nokia devices is the software experience. Other than just two of their own apps, and a few minor tweaks like the glance screen, it’s pretty much just stock Android, which you guys know I prefer. Nokia also has been doing a great job with the monthly security patches. For major updates, we’ll just have to see how long it takes for this phone to get Android Oreo.

Talking about Battery Life,

Nokia 8 Battery Life

I was a little concerned about the battery life seeing that it’s just 3,090mAh, and it has a QHD screen. But it’s actually not that bad. I was able to get close to five hours of screen on time, and that’s with mostly mobile data. That’s better than what I was expecting it to be. But of course, I definitely wouldn’t mind a thicker phone in exchange for a bigger battery.

Talking about CameraNokia 8 Camera

One of the highlights of the phone are the Zeiss branded dual 13MP cameras on the back of the phone. One monochrome, the other a normal sensor. Which should allow the phone to either combine the two sensors to create a better-looking image, create a bokeh effect, or just shoot in monochrome for a more dramatic flair. I’ve tried using both the sensors together, and compare it with just using the colour sensor. The results are not really that consistent. Sometimes it looks better, sometimes it looks worst. Sometimes there’s no visible difference. So I ended up just using the single colour sensor most of the time.

The portrait mode does sort of works, but it’s not the best looking effect I’ve seen. What I really love though, is just shooting in monochrome mode. Which sounds crazy since you can also just do a grayscale filter. But it’s just more fun for some reason. However, I don’t think the results look better than Huawei’s implementation on the P10. We’ll get the image quality portion in a bit, cause I’ll like to talk about the video features too.

The basic video recording features are decent, with relatively good stabilisation and quality. It comes with OZO audio technology that records audio in 360 degrees. The fun part is actually the front camera which records 4K video as well, which could be useful if you’re a Blogger. There is even a live broadcast feature which should make it really convenient to start a live stream.

The image quality part, just to get the front camera out of the way, the 13MP shooter produces decent looking results in both good lightings and in low light. You just have the hold the phone steady. I’m actually quite happy with the main camera too. I was able to get some pretty good looking results most of the time. This is a camera that I would probably describe as having potential. Because of image quality wise, it does a lot of things right. The image may seem a little softer, but that’s probably because other manufacturers tend to sharpen their images quite a bit. Auto HDR is one area I wished was better too since sometimes it doesn’t kick in when I think it should.

But really the main problem is with the camera app, one of the two apps by Nokia on this phone. It’s a slow and clunky interface and is sometimes just annoying to use. One time while trying to switch to the front camera, the app even crashed. For a phone with a focus on camera capabilities, a subpar camera app is really not acceptable. But at least this is something that Nokia can still fix with a software update, and they really need to do that.

What we have here with the Nokia 8 is a mostly solid flagship phone that I think will appeal to Android purists. It has top-end specifications paired with a clean Android experience. The design is really nice, and it checks a lot of boxes for a good smartphone. But the only problem is that this is a space that is getting really competitive. Not just from other companies like OnePlus or Motorola, but also from Google themselves.

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So while the Nokia 8 is a pretty nice phone, they need to do more if they want to stay competitive in this market. Or at least price their devices right. Hope you guy’s enjoyed the article, please leave a comment below about this Smartphone and Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. So friends see you on another article till then bye bye.

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