Since 21st September, Note 8 is officially available in India. and its retail price in Pakistan is Rs. 68,000 (USD 1,040) Note 8 is available in 4 colors: Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, Orchid Gray, and Maple Gold.

Look & Feel

Samsung phones are industry leading in terms of build quality and its the same case for Note 8. On the phone’s front and back is curved glass and the corners are a bit more square than the S8 lineup which gives the Note 8 a more rectangular look I personally really like this look Alongside this, the phone also has IP68 dust and water resistance. The right side has the power button Left side has the volume buttons and Bixby button On the top is the Hybrid SIM slot and on the bottom are headphone jack USB-C Port Speaker grill and S-Pen Slot. Holding the phone in the hand, you can tell that this is a solid phone and it really feels like a top-notch flagship device. and spending more than Rs.65,000, this will be very important for most users. Due to its size, most people were expecting that it would be very difficult to use the Fingerprint sensor but as I told you in our Note 8 Impressions article, I didn’t really have any major issues using the fingerprint sensor.


Note 8 has Samsung’s Infinity Display Its a 6.3-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED display and in my opinion, currently, this is the best display in the industry. Its default resolution is 1080p, but you can change this to Quad-HD in the settings. I personally feel that Full-HD is sufficient for daily usage and Quad-HD also drains the battery much faster. Note 8 does not have the thinnest bezels in the industry but its look is currently my favorite. Yes, there are phones out there with a better screen to body ratios but I feel that this phone’s bezels look quite beautiful.


Note 8 has a Snapdragon 835 Processor, 6 GB RAM, and 64, 128 and 256 GB Storage Options. Alongside this, the phone also has a Hybrid SIM slot in which you can either put a second SIM or a microSD card. In terms of performance, these are very high-end specs. The phone is very responsive and we did not experience any lag and having 6 GB of RAM Note 8 can keep a lot of Apps open in the background and the spent waiting for apps to load is reduced. And in our testing, there were no instances of any Apps reloading. Note 8 also has a feature called App Pairs which means you can launch two Apps as a pair and they launch in split screen. Because of this feature, I have started using Split Screen and the large screen on this phone makes it even more useful.


Camera, which is one of the main features. On the front is an 8 MP selfie shooter and now for the first time, Samsung has included Dual Cameras and Note 8 has 12 MP dual sensors on the back. of which one is a Wide Angle lens, and the other is a Telephoto Lens. and both lenses have Optical Image Stabilisation which improves low-light performance and makes videos more stable. Because of these two lenses, you also get 2x Optical Zoom which means that zooming will not lead to quality loss. Note 8 has very good picture quality. Images are sharp and have good dynamic range but as with all Samsung phones, images are extra saturated and colors are brighter Some people prefer this and some people prefer more realistic images like those from iPhone This is a matter of personal preference but there is no doubt that Note is packing a very powerful camera. Along with this, Samsung has also included a ‘Live Focus’ feature This is the same background blur feature we see in other Dual Camera phones but in Note 8, you can change the level of blur Note just before snapping the image but also after taking the picture, Note 8 gives you the option to change blur level. As a feature, this works pretty well but I don’t use this feature much and I don’t know anyone who uses this or iPhone’s portrait mode much either.


Note 8 has a 3300 mAH battery. Which is smaller than 3500 mAH battery on S8+ but according to our research, despite having a smaller battery, due software and hardware optimization, Note 8 has better battery life than the s8+ Empty to full charge took 1 hour 45 minutes whereas empty to half charge took 40 minutes. With full charge and medium usage, the phone will easily last a day and with heavy use, you may have to top it up during the day It would have been better if the battery was 3,500 mAH because Note 8 is for productivity and power use and the reason for a smaller battery is that space was needed for the S-Pen and after Note 7, Samsung did not want to take any risks this time. Despite this, battery life is decent and these days most power users carry a battery pack with them anyway.


A unique selling point of the Note 8 which is the S-Pen. This is the only mainstream global phone that has a stylus and this is this phone’s identity. If you remove the stylus and dual camera, then this phone is pretty much an S8+ With the S-Pen, you get a few extra features: You can take a note and pin it to the Always-On display You can write a Live Message and send it in GIF format With Screen Write, you can take a screenshot and take notes on it With Smart Select you can extract images or text form any part of the screen and Samsung Note with which you can save handwritten notes. I really like the quality of the S-Pen Writing with it is a very smooth experience and while writing with it, I didn’t feel like I was writing on glass. Many people say that S-Pen’s utility is limited. and maybe this is true but the S-Pen is something most people have never experienced on their phone and maybe if you have it on your phone, you might use it more.

Overall, I really like the Note 8. Apart from the battery, I didn’t feel anything was less than desired. Yes, the price point is high, but I feel that we are now at that point where a phone is not just for calling and the capabilities of phones have increased so much, that people will pay such heavy prices.

What do you think about the Note 8? Please do let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share with your friend. I will see you in the next article Goodbye!

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