As all Samsung users, you know that Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus flagship phone in 2018, and the Galaxy S9 has got some really amazing features while comparing it with other major smartphones. One of the most anticipated features is the camera, so let’s take a closer look at this.

Samsung Galaxy S9 CameraSo these are the new features for cameras of galaxy S9 and S9+ let’s go ahead and start we the slow motion, slow motion is something that I really enjoy, and making slow motion videos with some new and upgraded feature like record videos at 960 fram per second with the resolution of 720p and if you want to record videos in 4k then the frame rate will go down to 60 frames per sec and one thing you must know about the camera that there is time limit that means you can only record Six sec videos in Slow motion, for the first time I feel the sound bit awkward but trust me guys after using the slow motion feature I became the fan of the camera. There are also some unique features like motion detection set the camera on auto and whenever the camera sense motion it will automatically start recording and also you can set it to the maximum number of times that means whenever there is any motion the camera will start capturing. lastly, when you go inside of the gallery you can actually add music or even a couple of effects before you actually share it with anybody else.

Samsung Galaxy S9 CameraHere comes the AR emoji for all those who have emoji and Samsung has brought the special emoji of their own brand into Galaxy S9 and they are quite adaptable, can either be captured using the face of the camera and transformed into an avatar that resembles kind of like a bitmoji, if you are a snapchat user the face capture results in more caricature rather than a really accurate depiction. And even people can customize AR emoji beyond recognition, for example, there are a ton of hairstyles and you can change colors in many different options, which come in many types of glasses and all colors change whatever you want, the clothing options were slightly sparse but we are sure that updates will provide even more settings. finally after editing just hit save and the camera will save all the options.

Now front-face camera will provide you with your AR emoji and you can actually move your head around and make your face to do like, raise your eyebrows, open your mouth, show your expression and emotion in real life, but in all these ways are not limited there are dozens of Gifs already built in the local shop for share easily and it is such that Samsung can upgrade in the future and some really amazing gif can bring.

Samsung Galaxy S9 CameraAnd now let’s talk about the aperture it doesn’t sound like much fun but it is something you will really love to mess with, I know it sounds like DSLR and yes the feature aperture is almost working like DSLR as you seen in DSLR the opening of the lens is either wide open or closer down depending on the setting the closed setting is f2.4 and the open setting is f1.5 and yes the apertures really work it not any software solution and anything its and hardware solution. when you set the apture into f1.5 you will get much finer depth of field focus and if you set the aperture to f2.4 it will take less light inside the lense but the image may appear in much focus object.

Samsung Galaxy S9 CameraNow Finally let’s talk about multi-frame processing this is something that you have seen in google pixel camera with HDR plus yes the process is same but of course, the Samsung does not meet the huge learning library that the google does. The camera can capture 12 photos at a time the captured 12 photos are usually in three groups of four and all of the frames will be processed for their detail for their contrast and for how much noise needs to be reduced or just in general processing. we were told that this has done a few different times in a split instant made possible by the memory the DRAM built into the rear camera module, the result is expected to be extraordinary. I am sure that the camera will still be a high performer given the track record of the Galaxy S9 by the way the S9 plus camera does have the telephoto lens on there but the rest of what we’ve covered above is available.

Let us know how you feel about these camera updates and if it might be enough for you to actually pick up the latest Samsung device yourself then please share the article and leave your thought in the comment area and I’ll be seeing you in the next time till then bye bye!

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